Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mughal Empire (contd-2)

Agrafort ; A major contribution to the Indian Sbcontinent was their unique architecture, a centralised Government, amalgamation of persian and Indian art and culture, trade routes to Arab and Turkik lands, development of Moghlai Cuisine, a language known as Urdu, uniform currency and unification of the country, key industries like shipbuilding, textiles and steel.
Economic Condition of the people; The nobility was a heterogeneous body, while it primarily consisted of Rajput aristocrtsand foreigners from Muslim countries. The middle class of openly affluent traders consideredof a few wealthy marchants living in the coasteal towns, the bulk of the merchants pretended to be poor to avoid taxation. The bulk of the people were poor. The standard of living of the poor was as low as, or somewhat higher than, the standard of living of the Indian poo under the British Raj. .  
Fatehpur Sikri;
Babri Masjid
Dhaka Lalbagh
Delhi Jama Masjid
Babur Tomb
Lotus Temple
Qutub Minar