Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fatullah Shirazi in Mughal Period

Fatullah Shirazi : Sometimes referred to as Amir Fhe Miatullah Shirazi.  Indian polymath - a scholar, Islamic jurist, finance minister, mechanical engineer, inventor, mathematician, astronomer, physician, philosopher, and artist - who worked for Akbar the Great, ruler of the Mughal Empire. Shirazi was given the title of Azuddudaulah, translatrd as :the arm of the empire".
Mir Fatullah Shirazi was a polymath who worked as an imperial finance minister for Akbar the Great. According to Abul Fazl ibn Mubarak's Akbarnama, when Shiraz died, Akbar mourned his death. Akbar grieved at the departure of this memorial of forme sages.He often said that the Mir was vakil, Indian Philosophy, physician, and astronomer, and that no one could understand the amount of his grief for him. "Had he fallen into the hands of the Franks, and they had demanded all my treasures in exchange for him, I should gladly have entered into such a profitable traffic, and have bought that precious jewel.
Inventions ; Among the inventios credited to him was a military weapon, fashioned for killing infantry, an early volley gun with multiple gun barrels simultaneously, and was operated by a cow. He also developed a seventeen barrel canon, fired with a matchlock.
Not all his creations were intended for warfare, however, including a carriage , which was called comfortable by Abul-Fazl ibn Mubarak. It could also be used to grind corn, when not transporting passengers.