Thursday, September 26, 2013

Rank and Economy

The rank of Fiji from the poorest is 105 and fro the richest is 99 with gdp per capita using atlas method in 2003 is 2,360 $ and in other measurement such as IMF, WB and CIA measured in 2007,2007, and 2008 using nominal method
Fiji Economy
Fiji economy depends on its innumerable natural resources like, flora and fauna, fishing and also mineral resources. The other factors that are important in the economy of Fiji are the agricultural sectors, sugar industries and also the growing travel and tourism industries.
Fiji economy is much developed in comparison with the other Pacific island economies though it is still a developing nation.

Import and export trades are a very important part of the whole Fiji economy. The products that are imported here are, food, machines and some others while the main export products from this island nation are garments and sugar. Sugar industry in Fiji is a major part of the growing economy of this country. Travel and tourism is another strong pillar of Fiji economy. The countries from where most of the travelers come to visit this beautiful island nation are, New Zealand, Australia, US and also UK. But Fiji has some problems on the way of its economic growth also. Some of these are, emigration problems, natural calamities, homelessness and some others.

How to Export from Fiji
How to export from Fiji is the question regarding the trade of Fiji. Fiji has a growing economy that has export as one of its very important part. Fiji has a number of materials and natural resources that are very much helpful in building a strong economic backbone of this island country.

Naturally therefore, how to export from Fiji, is a question that has the answer regarding various aspects related to the foreign trade, export, transportation and export materials of Fiji.

Fiji is a central south Pacific island country, that has a number of natural resources. Using these materials Fiji has already reached to a position that can be said that economically stable. As a part of this economic scenario in Fiji, the field of export and foreign trade has much contribution. Fiji has the sugar industry as one of the main pillars of its growing economy. Sugar and related many foodstuff are exported from Fiji. Another important export material from Fiji is, garment. The textile industry is another important part of Fiji trade. Moreover, the fishing industry, which earns a huge amount of foreign currency for Fiji, is another very important part of Export from Fiji.

Infrastructure in Fiji
Infrastructure in Fiji is a very good one and favorable for further growth. The infrastructure of Fiji consist of the water supply, electricity, transportation, industries and some other factors. Fiji gives the native people a very good infrastructure that help in further development of the nation.

The municipalities and the government take good care of all these matters that contribute to the well being of a country in general.

Water supply in Fiji is one of the basic infrastructure and this aspect of this country is well maintained and looked after. Almost all the people of Fiji get fresh water from the piped water supply. This water supply department is maintained by the public service department of the government. The quality of the water that is supplied is very good.

Electricity, which is another important part of the Fiji infrastructure, is well maintained in the country. All most all the areas of the country has the access to electricity. Electricity distribution and other controls are done by the Fiji Electricity Authority. But now-a-days there are pressing need and more demand of electricity. As a result, many other electricity producers are encouraged to take part in this field. The main sources of Fiji electricity are, water and diesel.

Fiji infrastructure provides very good transportation system to the people in Fiji. Fiji has a very good road transportation system. By road all the major cities and towns are interrelated in Fiji. Moreover, there are water ferry system and international airport as well which are also popular mode of transportation in this country. Fiji has many industries of which the sugar industry is the main pillar of economy here.

Fiji Real Estate
Fiji real estate has a very important part in the whole economic web of this island country. There are a number of real estate properties, homes, houses, resorts, hotels and many other properties for sale in Fiji. Moreover, there are many real estate agents working either individually or with any real estate firms in Fiji. These real estate firms and real estate agents make the transactions related to real estate properties very easy. Fiji real estate field is buzzing with all these aspects in the country.

Fiji real estate properties can be found in many of the exotic locations that make the transaction of these real estate properties very interesting. Some of these real estate properties that are on sale in Fiji are,

Koro Seaview Estate: This huge real estate property is located in the wonderful and exotic island of Koro. This real estate property has a beautiful beach within it and place for housing also. Moreover, this property is also near the Government ferry and also the international airport. The exotic location of this beach property is really unparalleled.

Private Garden Villa: This is a really very nice home for sale in Fiji. This private villa has two very spacious bedrooms with bathroom, dining and sitting rooms. All the rooms are very spacious. Moreover, this villa is located in a very picturesque location which is an extra addition to the overall beauty of this property.

Fiji Bank
Fiji banks are many and several branches. There are a number of banks that are operating in Fiji. The most important banks of Fiji are the Reserve Bank of Fiji, Bank Of Baroda, Colonial Fiji Ltd and many others. These banks are notable for offering a number of services to the people here.