Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Maratha Empire - Yashwantrao

Yashwantarao Holkar was the son of Maharaja Tukojirao Holkar who had conquered Attock ( at present Pakistan) in 1758 and hoisted the saffron flag beyond the Sindu River. He had defeated Tipu Sultan and hoisted the saffron flag beyond the Tungabhadra River.After the demise of Malharrao Holkar (d. May 1766), his daughter-in-law Punyaslok Rajmata Ahilyadevi Holkar (ruled 1795-1797)briefly succeeded Rani Ahilyadevi upon her death.
Rise of Yashwantarao 
Yashwantarao Holkar never trusted anybody. Meanwhile support for Yashwantrao was growing.A good number of important persons joined the army of Yashwantarao. After successful victory of some battle , he was crowned King, as per Hindu Vedic Rites.
Battle of Poona
After conquering Pune, the capital of Maratha Empire, Yashwantrao took the adminstration in his hands and appointed his men.
Maharaja Yashwantrao Holkar wrote letters to different kings to unite and fight against the British. He stated, "First country and then religion. We will have to rise above caste, religion, and our states in the interest of our country. You too must wage a war against the British, like me. His appeal fell on deaf ears, as all of them had already signed treaties with the British.
Ultmately Bitish had to come to a peace treaty with Yashwantrao.