Tuesday, January 25, 2011

List of Wars between England and France

Breton War, (1076-1077), Wars in the Vexin and Maine,(1097-1098), Anglo- Norman War(1101), Anglo Norman War (1105-1106),AngloFrench War 1117-1120.
Colonial monopoly:
The seven Years War (1756-1763) resulted in the defeat of the French forces, limited french imperial ambitions, and stunting the influence of the Industrial revolution in French territories Robert Clive, the Government General, led the company to a victory against Joseph Francois Dupleix, the commander of the French forces in India, and recaptured Fort St George from the French. The company took this respite to seize Manila in 1762. By the treaty of Paris (1763), the French were allowed to maintain their trade posts only in small enclaves in pondicherry, Mahe, Yanam, and Chandernagar without any military presence. Although these small outposts remainedFrench possessions for the next two hundred years. French ambitions on Indian territories were effectively laid to rest , thus eliminating a major source of economic competition for tge company. In the contrast , the company, fresh from a colossalvictory, and with the backing of a disciplined and expetienced  army, was able to assert its interests in the Carnatic region from its base at Madras and in Bengal from Calcutta, without facing any further obstacles from other colonial powers.