Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Carnatic wars and other Conflicts between Britain and France

Carnatic Wars were a series of military conflicts in the middle of the 18th century on the Indian subcontinent between the rulers of France and England. The coastal Carnatic region was a dependency of Hyderabad, the main remaining remnant of the Mughal Empire.Three Carnatic wars were fought between 1744 and 1763.
1. First Carnatic War (1746-1748). After the initial set back French captured the British fort of Madras. and among the prisoners of War was Robert Clive.
2. Second Carnatic War (1749-1754). The French allied with Chanda Sahib and Muzaffar Jung to bring them into power. But British intervened and got the victory to install a treaty of Pondichery.
3. Third Carnatic War (1757-1763). At the same  Seven Years War . In this case also British came out victoriously.
Louis XV , king of France
At this time the, Britain and France became bitter rivals. Frequent skirmishes between them took place for control of colonial possessions. In 1742, fearing the monetary consequences of a war, the British Government agreed to extend the deadline for the licensed exclusive trade by the company in India until 1783, in return for a further loan of 1 million pound. Between 1756 and 1763, the Seven Years' War diverted the state's attention towards consolidation and defence of its territorial possessions in Europe and its colonies in north America.The war took place in Indian soil, between the company troops and the french forces.      
List of Wars Involving England and France :
Prior to the Norman conquest of 1066, there were no armed conflicts between the Kingdom of England  and the Kingdom of France. France and England  were subject to repeated Viking invasions, and their foreign preoccupations were primarily directed towards Scandinavia.