Thursday, April 25, 2013

End of Dynasties and Beginning of Modern China

Reign Time (years)
1Emperor Taizu
Founder of the Latter Jin regime which later turned into the Qing regime; He created the military organization called Banner System.1616 - 1626
2Emperor Taizong
(Huang Taiji)
The eighth son of Nurhachu; actually the first emperor of the Qing Dynasty. He moved the capital to Shenyang.1626 - 1643
3Emperor Shunzhi
Son of Huang Taiji; In his reign, the Qing army defeated the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644) and moved the capital into Beijing.1643 - 1661
4Emperor Kangxi
The third son of Emperor Shunzhi; One of the greatest emperors in the Qing Dynasty; His reign was the beginning of the heyday of the dynasty.1661 - 1722
5Emperor Yongzheng
The fourth son of Emperor Kangxi; A fairly wise and competent emperor who maintained the prosperity of the Qing Dynasty1722 - 1735
6Emperor Qianlong
Son of Emperor Yongzheng; Inheriting the prosperity brought by his predecessors, his reign reached the zenith.1735 - 1796
7Emperor Jiaqing
Son of Emperor Qianlong; He prosecuted the infamous corrupt official, He Shen, who used to be a favorite chancellor of Emperor Qianlong. 1796 - 1820
8Emperor Daoguang
Son of Emperor Jiaqing; His reign saw the outbreak of the First Opium War in 1840, from which China entered the modern history. 1820 - 1850
9Emperor Xianfeng
Son of Emperor Daoguang; In his reign, the Qing Dynasty apparently began to decline. The well-known Taiping Rebellion broke out in that period.1850 - 1861
10Emperor Tongzhi
Son of Emperor Xianfeng and Empress Dowager Cixi; died early1861 - 1875
11Emperor Guangxu
Grandson of Emperor Daoguang; a progressive emperor who tried lots of methods to save the declining Qing Dynasty1875 - 1908
12Emperor Xuantong
The last emperor of the Qing Dynasty and the last feudal monarch of China; He was imprisoned at Shenyang till 1959 when Chairman Mao remitted him.1908 - 1911