Thursday, September 27, 2012

Freedom movement of Cameroon

The history of Cameroon Independence has been quite fascinating. Though the Portuguese were the first to come to this country in the 1500s they could not settle in Cameroon as malaria prevented him. No European settlement became possible before 1870s. The European sellers became interested in slave trade but it was suppressed largely in the mid 19th century.
Cameroon Independence has a long story as the ruling power changed from time to time. Along with the neighboring countries Cameroon became German colony of Kemarun in 1884. According to the June 28, 1919 League of Nations mandate, this colony was divide between the French and the British after the World War I.
Firstly the struggle for Independence began in the French Cameroon in 1955 when the Union of People of Cameroon began started revolting against the ruling power. Many people were killed in this armed struggle for Cameroon's Independence. In 1961 the French Cameroon gained independence and became the Republic of Cameroon.
The very next year the southern third of British Cameroon voted for joining the Republic of Cameroon while the northern two-thirds voted to join Nigeria. Both the regions maintained their autonomy. Ahmadou Ahidjo became the first president of the Federal Republic of Cameroon.